Aktis advisory

Aktis Advisory supports you at every key stage, from defining your real estate strategy to bringing it to fruition:

– Formalising needs and analysing the market,
– Researching the best operational solutions,
– Designing and implementing real estate blueprints,
– Negotiating and renegotiating leases, acquisitions or assignments,
– Providing support in formalities, negotiations and completions to identify any relevant or advantageous opportunity.
– Creating, in collaboration with the Aktis Concept and Aktis Project teams, a benchmark including all of the project’s components to facilitate selection with a financial, technical and organisational vision.

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Aktis project

Aktis Project supports you in the steering, coordination and monitoring of your development projects. In close collaboration with the Concept Hub, the dedicated team:

– Drafts the work specifications for the validated plans and concept,
– Produces a budget estimate on behalf of the Project Manager
– Consults the general contractors,
– Negotiates and launches the private works,
– Validates a provisional schedule in accordance with the often narrow deadlines
– Takes care of the monitoring and receipt of works,
Handles transfers and welcomes employees.

It is the single point of contact for all the stakeholders, and positions itself as the metronome of the project.

Aktis concept

Aktis Concept converts your work process, your identity and your needs into the space.
In close collaboration with the Project Hub, the interior architect team:

– Identifies your needs and desires to establish your project’s programming,
– Supports you and advises you in the evolution of your work process,
– Defines a development charter,
– Designs the space-planning of your offices,
– Creates a custom architectural concept,
– Selects the appropriate colours and materials,
– Devises furniture and signage in your image,
Steers the “deco” service providers (furniture, lighting, wallpaper, signage, decals,…).

At the forefront of the latest trends and novelties, Aktis Concept is not lacking in creativity.