Interior architect

Audacious and curious

« Creative and talented, she will enhance your project ! »



Passionate, visionary and unifying

« In his sites, the real estate of tomorrow ! »


Mission Director

Conscientious, vested and attentive

« Compiling, orchestrating, an entire profession ! »

Christel MAUDUIT

Finance and Administrative Manager

Spontaneous, welcoming and organised

« She excels, count on her ! »

Emmanuel CHAULIN

General Director

Methodical and pragmatic

« Efficient and organised, your work will be flawlessly completed ! »

Claudine PERROT

Directeur du Pôle Director of concept & design hub

Seasoned, meticulous and experienced

« Expert and perfectionist, tailor-made projects ! »

Charles MACLOU

Interior architect

Listening and inventive

« The Pro of BIM tools! »

Maximilien de WAUBERT

Project Manager

Mischievous, ingenious and innovative

« As a good pilot, he knows how to stay the course ! »

Justine HERY

Great West Director

Proactive and altruistic

« In the great west, she surfs the real estate wave ! »